Penis bandwidth

That is so cool… :)

“Putting these together, the average amount of information per ejaculation is 1.560*109 * 2 bits * 2.00*108, which comes out to be 6.24*1017 bits. That’s about 78,000 terabytes of data! As a basis of comparison, were the entire text content of the Library of Congress to be scanned and stored, it would only take up about 20 terabytes. If you figure that a male orgasm lasts five seconds, you get a transmission rate of 15,600 tb/s. In comparison, an OC-96 line (like the ones that make up much of the backbone of the internet) can move .005 tb/s. Cable modems generally transmit somewhere around 1/5000th of that.”


Telescope the Signalling Analyzer

We’ve (Andras, Simca and me) developed the Telescope Signalling Analyzer, what is a software tool for analyzing signalling protocols in IP-based telecom networks.

telescopeIt is useful in laboratory tests for 3G, VoIP, or All-IP networks, commissioning, field testing, demonstrations, and education. This software is always up-to-date with latest standards version of supported protocols, so it comes handy in all phases of product development; from implementation and testing to roll-out and trouble-shooting.

A growing number of signaling interfaces between telecom switches are designed over IP based interfaces instead of T1/E1 lines. BroadBit’s ASN.1 Signalling Analyzer is a software tool for analyzing signaling protocols in IP-based telecom networks. The software is provided on a live-CD, which can be run from any computer or laptop.

Telescope – Protocol Analyzer

A framework for easy building of Signalling Analyzers. Protocol application decoders can be integrated into the framework or defined via scripting. The resulting Telescope Signalling Analyzer tool is the most user-friendly signalling analyzer of IP based interfaces, and can be run on any x86 based computer. It is mainly useful in testing, trialling, integration, and maintenance of IP based telecommunications network elements. Holders of Telescope license can use an always up-to-date Signalling Analyzer for latest standardized or proprietary protocols. Since the tool is remotely controllable, it enhances centralized network monitoring and trouble-shooting.