Customizing Alfresco as a repository for medical images

A very good practice documentation (thesis) – including document management, DICOM VRS implementation, search, records management, reporting and more – about an Alfresco based image management system for medical images.

Information technology played a big role in the way medical and scientific research have developed over the last couple of decades. The introduction of high-tech in laboratories has improved research methods drastically. Information technology is also essential to provide scientists the means to centralize knowledge. This way they can communicate, share information and comment on study results. Janssen Pharmaceutica is developing the ICE project (Image Collaboration Environment) to offer their scientists the ability to share and comment on medical images for research purposes. The open-source Content Management System (CMS) Alfresco is selected to perform this task. During our participation in this project, we set up a proof of concept to evaluate if Alfresco can be customized to perform the ICE user-requirements. This document includes a detailed description of the needs of the ICE project. Throughout this paper, we will explain how we can program and modify Alfresco to meet these requirements. Based on these findings we will determine whether or not Alfresco can be customized to function as a repository for medical images. Some of the key features of Alfresco are also explained in this document. Moreover, we will give a brief description of medical image formats we use in ICE. However, a basic knowledge of Java is required to understand the text completely.

Download PDF version: thesis2007694.pdf

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