Eclipse and Aptana plugin update error

Do you have error message “Resulting configuration does not contain the platform.” after starting Eclipse including Aptana plugin on Mac OS X host?

The solution is:

  1. Delete folder “~/Library/Application Support/Aptana”
  2. Delete folder “~/Documents/Aptana Studio” (or Aptana, Aptana Studio Workspace)

Update error of Aptana Professional plugin occured by a previous installation of standalone version…

So, i’ve found an interesting style to change theme to a dark colour set: Green Chaud

So, first you have to import every col file one by one in the options (Window > Preferences > Aptana > Editors > CSS / HTML / JavaScript / PHP / ScriptDoc / XML).

Then you’ll have to set the line numbers color by hand (if you are showing them) : Go in (Window > Preferences > General > Editors > Text Editors), and then set the color of “Line number foreground”. The RGB code of the color is 128 / 159 / 128.

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