ExtAlf – Alfresco by ExtJS

ExtAlf demo in Safari

I’m working on a new ExtJS wrapper (ExtAlf) – inspired by Opsoro – for Alfresco document and workflow management functions (by webscripts), like foldertree, document properties, preview, etc. This is not an Opsoro or FlexSpaces alternative, rather than a developer toolkit or a simple SDK what supports embedding Alfresco backend functionality into Web2.0/AJAX portals and frontends.

Link: Collaborative Editor

ExtAlf in Aptana

Planned features:

  • – folder tree panel with actions (show folder contents, create new folder, move folder)
  • – document grid panel with actions (preview, download, show properties, delete, rename, move to other folder, upload new document)
  • – property grid with editing fields
  • – content preview with document transformation
  • – task list and management (close, create, forward)
  • – user interface localization
  • – limit root nodeRef to browse (just like Customer Portal engines)
  • – simple search
  • – simple discussion forum
  • – different grids to show document in a folder with custom properties
  • – integrated document editor for plain text, html and form contents

Search dialog and results with auto-preview:
ExtAlf Search

Login dialog:

ExtAlf Login window

Floating panels on UI:
ExtAlf Demo2 - floating panels

A simple Customer Portal with ExtAlf:

Main screen
Simple Customer Portal with ExtAlf

Show contents of document
ExtAlf Customer Portal - show document\'s contents

Preview content (image and text crop)
ExtAlf Customer Portal - preview contents and properties

Show news items, or notification to customer
ExtAlf Customer Portal - news items at south

Search results in file-list grid
Customer Portal - Search results in the center grid

Upload documents
ExtAlf Customer Portal - upload document

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  1. Ok,
    I’m trying to implement a PDF preview and I have seend that ExtAlf includes it. How has it done?? It doesn’t look like the Adobe Reader embedded.


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