FreeMarker tutorial

I’ve found a very interesting post about an interface to learn FreeMarker templating engine: FreeMarker sketchbook

FreeMarker sketchbook is a Java WebStart application with following features:
– realtime output processing and view
– page and tag view
– variable editor
– help and examples included

FreeMarker is a template engine and language which we are using in the content management system of our new application. For next week I have been preparing training material for web-developers and something I was missing, was a simple way for them to learn and try out FreeMarker. The best way to learn is by playing and experiencing something yourself, so I created a simple java application with an editor and FreeMarker renderer.
At the same time this has been a good exercise for me as well, as this is my first Swing and Java™ Web Start application. After I received some feedback, added a few more features and cleaned-up the code, I will probably release it as open source project. I think this is a handy little application for those who want to create FreeMarker templates. If you want to try it out, just click on the button below. You should have Java 1.5 or higher installed.

You can find another solution on site which offers similar functionality:

These interfaces are useful to know Alfresco templating, and Web Script interface customization…

Link: FreeMarker Manual: Learning by example

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