MC MP – OSX build

You can download the Mac OSX build of Advanced Midnight Commander (MC-MP: More Powerful, More Pleasureful, Much Painless) from here (Universal binary installer, 10.4+).

Midnight Commander 4.1.X-MP

The goal of this project is creating a stable, well-working, usefull console-only version of well-known Midnight Commander, without bugs and garbage, like tk, xv and gnome. I’m bored waiting for bugfixes, and A’rpi’s ESP team stops their work in this direction too, so I did it. I’m fixing all (found) bugs, reported by my friends, and made some really pleasent new features, like real-time clock, or filegroups colorizing.

Why is it an alternate version of mc, instead applying patches to main mc project?

The original mc is now about v4.6.x, with more and more bugs, “monster from the console” grows more and more, and now it has some very bad structural changes, tons of garbage code, and finally – there is no possibilities to compile it without some X parts, like Glib.

When I use linux – i want to use fast and powerfull console file manager, and I like mc 4.1.x series much better: it has well-designed structures, easy to add new features.

Btw. I back-ported some of new usefull things appeared in 4.5.x and 4.6.x, make some fixes, catch some memory leaks, and so on… – README gave you more information about it.

Update: new version available, just follow this link!

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