Midnight Commander build for OSX

I’ve updated the universal Mac OS X binary version of MC MP, a Midnight Commander clone. This release requires 10.4+, just read included README file for more…

Midnight Commander MP is an advanced clone of the famous Midnight Commander without Tk, xv, or GNOME parts (including GLib). It also features a real-time clock, file group colors, charset support for the viewer, editor, and panels, position saving for the viewer and editor, and more.

Download: mc-4.1.40-pre9-bin.tar.gz

See updated packages: tag=mc

6 thoughts on “Midnight Commander build for OSX”

  1. Ezer koszonet! Csak ezert raktam volna fel a macports-ot (na meg az apache+php miatt, de arra ott van a jo oreg xampp most mar, en tobbet nem forgatok forrasbol, faszkivan)

  2. Hogyan kell telepíteni? Letöltöttem a fájlt és kitömörítettem, de hogyan tovább? A readme-ben kiadott install parancsra ez volt a válasz:
    cp: usr/*: No such file or directory

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