Midnight Commander 4.6.2 OSX

Midnight Commander reborn in this year, with a new web site and a new release: 4.6.2.


You can download a quick source-hacked and OSX intel compiled version from this link: mc-4.6.2-bin-osx-intel.tar.gz

Source code hacks:

  • mhl/strndup.c: missing ‘strndup’ function code
  • mhl/strndup.h: missing ‘strndup’ function include
  • mhl/strnlen.c: missing ‘strnlen’ function code
  • mhl/strnlen.h: missing ‘strnlen’ function include
  • mhl/string.h: include of ‘strnlen.h’ and ‘strndup.h’
  • vfs/vfs.c: include of ‘strnlen.c’ and ‘strndup.c’

Source links:

Midnight Commander is a console application with a text user interface. The main interface consists of two panels which display the file system. It is used in a similar way to many other programs run in the Unix shell. Arrow keys control file selection, the insert key is used to select files and the Function Keys perform operations such as renaming, editing and copying files. Later versions of the Midnight Commander additionally have mouse support for easier operation. Such versions are aware of GPM and X terminal emulators which support mouse reporting. When running inside an X terminal, these versions can update the name of the window in which Midnight Commander runs (if allowed by the terminal emulator).

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