Quick locale translator

As a quick relaxing activity over a keyboard and a geek/coder mind – here is an automatic language/locale property file (.properties in resource bundles used in Java related technologies to store the configurable parameters of an application) translator.

Translator uses Google Translate AJAX API and ExtJS.

Quick how-to:

  1. Click on URL: QuickLocale
  2. Paste your properties file content into the top textarea (Source text), and press Load to translate,
  3. Let’s change source and destination languages by combo box over the grid,
  4. Press Translate to update values in grid,
  5. And finally, modify something in Destination column of grid to update destination textarea (Destination text) and copy back to your localized properties file.

Example properties file content:

# Example language file for QuickLocale
# by Lajos Nagy (LouiSe@louise.hu)

# English

quick locale translator

quick locale translator hungarian version

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