SquirrelMail workaround for Mac OS X Server 10.5

Just small pieces of workarounds to avoid PHP warning messages in default webmail in Mac OS X Server 10.5 server.

The Webmail software is based on SquirrelMail (v1.4.9a), which is a collection of open source scripts run by the Apache server. For more information about SquirrelMail, see www.squirrelmail.org.

Squirrelmail as included with Mac OS X Server lets you remotely access your Inbox via a web-browser. It also automatically creates sub-folders to store drafts, sent, and trashed emails as done during a Squirrelmail session.

/private/etc/squirrelmail/config, line: 118

$domain = @getenv(SERVER_NAME);

/private/etc/squirrelmail/config, line: 1049

$provider_name = "SquirrelMail";                                                
$prefs_user_field = "user";                                                     
$prefs_key_field = "prefkey";                                                   
$prefs_val_field = "prefval";
$allow_charset_search = true;                                                   
$uid_support = true;                                                            
$default_use_mdn = true;                                                        
$pop_before_smtp = false;
$optional_delimiter = "detect";

/usr/share/squirrelmail/class/deliver/Deliver.class.php, line: 459

if (@strtolower($default_charset) == 'iso-2022-jp' && mb_detect_encoding($rfc822_header->subject) == 'JIS') {
  $header[] = 'Subject: ' . mb_convert_encoding($rfc822_header->subject, 'JIS') . $rn;
} else {
  $header[] = 'Subject: ' . encodeHeader($rfc822_header->subject) . $rn;

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