My Eclipse installation

Just for a reminder…

Requirements, Features:
– Support for Alfresco development (javascript and java webscripts, actions, properties XMLs)
– HTML editor and preview (Firefox and Safari)
– JavaScript editor (with code formatter, and syntax checker)
– Freemarker editor (with syntax checker)
– PHP editor (with syntax checker and help)
– XML editor
– Shell script editor
– SVN client (projects by checkout)

Eclipse IDE for Java Developers (3.4 GANYMEDE): download

Tools update site links:
Aptana update for Eclipse 3.4:
– Window menu: My Aptana
Utilities / Subclipse SVN client plugin (with SVNKit)
Platform / Aptana PHP
Platform / Aptana Adobe AIR 1.5 Development
Platform / Aptana Apple iPhone Development
FreeMarker syntax: (don’t forget to update freemarker.jar in eclipse/plugins/org.visigoths.freemarker_2.3.2)
TRAC plugin for Mylin
Graphviz plugin:
– JBOSS jBPM graphical workflow/process designer: unzip “” in folder “designer”, then select “Help/Software Updates/Find and Install”, and use “Search for new features to install” to add with “New Local Site”
JSON editor (local site install)
ShellEd – shell script editor (download zip and copy contents into Eclipse directory)

Eclipse with Aptana