Alfresco Zimlet – updates and fixes

I’ve made an updated version of open-sourced Alfresco Zimlet.

New features and fixes:

  • SSO ticket based authentication support (‘alfresco_ticket’ and ‘alfresco_url’ cookies)
  • localization support (english and hungarian properties included)
  • works with Alfresco 4.x and Zimbra 7.x
  • bugfixes…

See README file for installation…

Alfresco side webscript installation steps:

1. Import web script package (ZIP) at Alfresco Explorer:

2. Update web scripts:

3. Verify installation with a simple request (update URL and PASSWORD with yours):

$curl --user "admin":"password"
{"children": [{"title": "User managed definitions", "isDocument": false, "path": "\/Company Home\/Data Dictionary", "label": "Data Dictionary"}, {"title": "The guest root space", "isDocument": false, "path": "\/Company Home\/Guest Home", "label": "Guest Home"}, {"title": "Imap Attachments", "isDocument": false, "path": "\/Company Home\/Imap Attachments", "label": "Imap Attachments"}, {"title": "Site Collaboration Spaces", "isDocument": false, "path": "\/Company Home\/Sites", "label": "Sites"}, {"title": "User Homes", "isDocument": false, "path": "\/Company Home\/User Homes", "label": "User Homes"}]}

Download Zimlet:

Alfresco Zimlet provides integration between two leading open source solutions, Alfresco Enterprise Content Management and Zimbra Collaboration Suite.

It was built on top of open technologies such as Alfresco Webscript, Zimbra Zimlet and YUI library.

It allows the end user to save incoming email attachments to the Alfresco ECM Server. The user is provided with the ability to select multiple Alfresco documents and attach them to outgoing emails. Links are provided for downloading Alfresco Documents when composing emails from within Zimbra.

Alfresco Documents and features are surfaced as shortcut links within the Zimbra application. Widgets are provided for ease-of-use in Alfresco space selection and repository navigation. A simple installation and setup is provided.

Original sources:
Original developer: Yong Qu

Discussion Thread on Zimbra Community Forum: