Terrible Mac OS X Java vulnerability issue

CVE-2008-5353 allows malicious code to escape the Java sandbox and run arbitrary commands with the permissions of the executing user. This may result in untrusted Java applets executing arbitrary code merely by visiting a web page hosting the applet. The issue is trivially exploitable.

Unfortunately, these vulnerabilities remain in Apple’s shipping JVMs, as well as Soylatte 1.0.3. As Soylatte does not provide browser plugins, the impact of the vulnerability is reduced. The recent release of OpenJDK6/Mac OS X is not affected by CVE-2008-5353.

OSX Java security hole: CVE-2008-5353

Do you want to test your up-to-date Mac OSX installation? Just click here, and enjoy “/usr/bin/say I am executing an innocuous user process” instead of “/bin/rm -rf …”

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