Working OpenOffice Alfresco plugin

Do you miss a working Alfresco repository plugin for your OpenOffice?

OpenOffice_plugin_Alfresco-logoSo, just download Sun Connector for Alfresco CMS, use tibber’s patches – or wait for my complete release :) – and enjoy it on Windows, Linux and Mac OSX (requires OpenOffice 3.1.1) too! Patched backend works with Alfresco 3.1 and 3.2 Community editions.

The Sun Connector integrates and StarOffice perfectly with the Alfresco Document management server. The user has full access to all documents stored on the Alfresco server. An easy to use and clear front end makes it easy to create, load, edit and save documents including checking in and checking out. Move over to the fully supported Alfresco Workflow for auditing documents. Not to forget the support of the Alfresco Spaces and the ability to search within the documents hosted on the Alfresco server.

Another plugin for NeoOffice is on the road: Alfresco plugin for Mac OSX

Update: Sun Connector 1.0 works with NeoOffice 3.1.1 now!

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